Society for Social Studies of Science

4S Honolulu 2023: Making & Doing

The STS Making & Doing program invites 4S members to submit experimental work and exploratory practices that are best presented interactively, outside of a traditional panel format. Making & Doing encourages STS researchers to share work that takes up speculative, participatory, reflexive and/or aesthetic approaches to the study of science, technology and society, as well as projects that experiment with frameworks for producing, sharing, and reconfiguring knowledge. Submissions for Making & Doing should include an abstract of up to 250 words, along with an additional technical requirements paragraph of up to 100 words, and a representative image. In technical requirements, please explain the preferred form of your presentation (a screening, a performance, a workshop, an installation), how much time a visitor would need to interact with your presentation, and any technical or spatial requirements. Participation in the Making and Doing event does not count toward limits on conference participation described elsewhere. While most presentations will be in person, proposals for online presentations will also be considered. Find galleries of past Making & Doing exhibitions here